The Blue Cap Coffee team have created this tempting Summer Series of thirst quenching recipes to keep you cool all summer long. Here at Blue Cap HQ we know how important it is to you to enjoy every moment of our beloved Great British Summer, so we’ve lovingly made sure these recipes can all be created before you can say “pass the suncream!”. This Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea not only tastes the real deal, but is guilt free too with virtually no calories. What’s not to love!

Why you need to try this recipe?

A longstanding American favourite, Iced Tea was first known to be made in South Carolina in the late 1700’s, albeit a little different to the black iced tea we know and love today. It was originally infused heavily with alcohol, and made from green tea leaves. By the 1800’s the recipe had evolved to use black tea and called for it to be brewed, cooled and then poured over cracked ice, lemon and two sugar cubes. Now you can serve up your own homemade version in an instant thanks to our delicious Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea recipe!

How difficult is it to make?

Just pour, ice, and go!

What you need:

Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea Syrup
Still / Sparkling Water / Lemonade
Lemon slices
Mint leaves
12oz glass drinks jar or glass of your choice


Extract a double shot of espresso into a small coffee jug.
Add 3 x pumps of vanilla syrup plus 3 x pumps of the caramel syrup into the coffee, still in the jug.
Heat the milk and pour into Latte glass stopping 1cm from the top.
Gently pour your crème brulee infused coffee into centre of latte milk
Dust Cocoa over the top and enjoy a luxurious latte in the sunshine!

Why we love this recipe

It’s fair to say that here at Blue Cap, we love coffee. But coffee is not all we offer. We also supply a whole host of hot and cold beverage supplies to help you maximise your offering and grow your business successfully. Every year we create a series of seasonal drinks recipes to boost your creativity and give you ideas for your customer base. Our Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea is a quick and easy twist on the American classic Iced Tea. Our version requires no brewing or cooling, which means you can enjoy a great tasting authentic Iced Tea without the wait. It’s also sugar free, giving you less to worry about when it comes to this year’s beach bod!

About Blue Cap Coffee

Here at Blue Cap Coffee, our mission is simple: to help you provide great coffee to your customers and support you in growing your business. We are the only UK distributor that gives you a FREE coffee machine on loan, and are proud suppliers of Lavazza coffee. We give you a dedicated account manager to help you with all aspects of your coffee offering, and a full service to your business for the lifetime of your business. This includes full training and support for you and your team, free point of sale materials, advice on product buying, and free engineer support. We’ve got over 50 years collective experience in all things coffee, which means you can be sure to receive sound, expert advice to help your business succeed.

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