The sun is out and here to stay and here at Blue Cap HQ we could not be happier about this!

The Blue Cap Coffee team have created this tempting Summer Series of thirst quenching and mouth-watering drinks recipes for you to try out and enjoy over the coming months. These will help you get summer off to a splendid start, whether you’re having a BBQ, going to a summer garden party, or catering for an outdoor event. So without further ado, let’s get going with our mouth-watering Raspberry & Pomegranate Lemonade Cooler…

Why you need to try this recipe?

The French certainly know how to do delicious desserts, and this one is the original and best, dating all the way back to its first known reference in 1691 in a cookbook by Francois Massialot. The winning combination of a burnt crispy caramel topping and rich vanilla custard base is a sure-fire way to please a crowd. And the liquid version we have created does not disappoint!

How difficult is it to make?

Super easy!

What you need:

Raspberry & Pomegranate Syrup
12 oz glass or drinks jar


Fill jar with ice to the top
Add your lemonade to approx. 1cm from the top of jar
Add 3 pumps of Raspberry & Pomegranate Syrup {BUY NOW LINK}
Garnish with lemon/lime for the perfect citrus balance
Serve and enjoy

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Why we love this recipe

Here at Blue Cap, we love coffee. Especially coffee that tastes perfect, every time. As well as being suppliers of premium authentic Italian coffee, Lavazza, we also supply a whole host of hot and cold beverage supplies to help you maximise your offering and grow your business successfully. Every year we create a series of seasonal drinks recipes to boost your creativity and give you ideas for your customer base. Our Raspberry & Pomegranate Lemonade is fizzy, fun, and tastes like a summer’s day. Quench your thirst with this refreshing ice-cold summer cooler.

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Here at Blue Cap Coffee, our mission is simple: to help you provide great coffee to your customers and support you in growing your business. We are the only UK distributor that gives you a FREE coffee machine on loan, and are proud suppliers of Lavazza coffee. We give you a dedicated account manager to help you with all aspects of your coffee offering, and a full service to your business for the lifetime of your business. This includes full training and support for you and your team, free point of sale materials, advice on product buying, and free engineer support. We’ve got over 50 years collective experience in all things coffee, which means you can be sure to receive sound, expert advice to help your business succeed.

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