With temperatures set to continue to soar here the UK summer months, now is the time to get creative with your iced coffee recipes. As part of our dedicated full customer service to our clients, Team Blue Cap enjoy creating a selection of summer drink recipes for you to try your hand at. This series for 2023 is not only perfect for your customer base, but also for your own summer BBQ’s, sun drenched weekends and summer socials. And we have to say we are pretty excited about these delicious drinks, which will cool you down and keep you refreshed all summer long.

Introducing our super cool Praline Iced Coffee – packed with nutty flavour and ice cold to keep you cool and hydrated.

Why you need to try this recipe?

Vanilla and Hazelnut are the key ingredients this traditional confectionary filling, and was originally created France in the 1600’s as a decadent and delicate flavouring to fine chocolates and baked goods. We’ve discovered it’s great for coffee, too, and have included it in our iced coffee round up.

What you need:

Milk or dairy free alternative
French Vanilla Syrup
Hazelnut Syrup
Large latte glass / 12oz re-usable cup


Fill Glass with Ice
Pour cold milk leaving 2cm from the top of the glass
Extract a double shot of espresso into a small jug
Add 1 pump French vanilla syrup and 2 pump Hazelnut syrup into the extracted coffee and whisk
Pour flavoured coffee through top of Latte glass to fill and serve with a straw.
Enjoy your delicious ice cold praline drink!

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How difficult is it to make?

This one is so simple and quick to make you’ll be cooling yourself down with it before you can say “Praline”!

Why we love this recipe

Here at Blue Cap, we love coffee. Especially coffee that tastes perfect, every time. We are proud to be exclusive suppliers of Lavazza authentic Italian coffee. This classy Praline Latte recipe will cool you down whilst giving you a caffeine boost and tasting great.

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